Custom home design projects

We create unique house projects for new communities as well as infills for established neighborhoods. Projects include all necessary documentation required to apply for Development and Building permits.


Architectural Renderings

High end photo-realistic Exterior and Interior computer generated images, or simply renderings. We collaborate with Architectural and Design firms, developers and individual home owners in order to help them visualize future design and provide Images for commercial purposes. Real estate agents find that renderings play significant role to generate early interest among buyers for new developments.

Exterior renderings are included in our project cost.

Interior Design

We have extensive experience in Interior design. We provide both basic and advanced Interior design options for our clients. Basic design comes with an Architectural project and is included in it's cost. Advanced Interior design project is an additional option and is provided for our house projects, as well as other companies' new projects as well as renovations.

Interior design project includes renderings and all necessary drawings.

Project safety

There are number of rules that make a project safe for people living in it. Fire safety is essential when it comes to homes. National Fire Safety code was developed based upon experience of millions of homes built and maintained throughout hundreds of years. It involves certain rules for fenestration (window placement), fire rated walls when needed, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside of your house, the list goes on and expands with design experience.

Energy efficiency

All projects in Canada are required to be compliant with the National Energy Code and be energy efficiencient. We have experience with broad range of projects and types of efficiency calculations. Your choice is what way to go: Prescriptive, Performance or Trade Off. 

Our staff is extensively experienced in creation of unique projects that are up to the most recent standards and features.

Our Vision

House plan is the core, DNA of a project, that's why we start with plans and polish them until very well done.

Aesthetically speaking, we like clean modern forms while paying attention to details, that brings great user experience.

We are not confined to modern only, though. Fusion of traditional house shape and modern detailing make really cool projects that could find their place in any community.

Cost efficiency

We've been working closely with many builders and continuously  have been learning to allocate client's means effectively. It includes window size adjustments, performance energy calculations, building structure optimization, etc. 


Areas Served

Office: 403 369 4537

We are located in Calgary, however, we've done projects throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Please feel free to contact us for a service request, as nowadays Internet allows to work worldwide, which we are excited about.

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